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Train Like An Angel: Inner/Outer Thigh Sculpt

Train Like An Angel: Inner/Outer Thigh Sculpt

In collaboration with Victoria Sport + Guava Pass, Rosie Hope presented a Sculpt masterclass hitting all the hourglass figure key areas so you can Train Like An Angel ahead of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. 

Undoubtedly it's a whole lot of #blessed genetics that gets the Victoria's Secret Angels looking runway ready when they hit one of the biggest fashion shows of the calendar. But they also commit to a huge undertaking of specific workouts and training to get them in shape. This series will help you hone in on all those killer curves at home so you can feel confident and strong year round!

The Thigh Sculpt

Target Areas: Booty, Outer Thighs, Adductors

The theme here is time under tension – you want to keep the muscles engaged for the entire duration of the series without letting it drop so as to chisel out results. We are working the smaller stabilising muscles here (Gluteus Medius + Minimus, alongside the Adductors, Pelvic Floor, TVA and deep core) so focus on maintaining proper alignment and form whilst you move through the series. 

The Workout

Reps: 8x each exercise. Sets: 2-3x through the entire series

The Exercises

Outer Thigh Series

Set Up: Lying on your side, head supported by lower arm, hips and knees stacked with abdominals and ribs engaged to keep core connection. 


Lower + Lift

Knee To Chest

Combination Lower + Pull In

Forward Extensions

Lower + Lift Forward

Internal + External Rotations

Inner Thigh Series

Set Up: Lying on your side propped up on the lower elbow. Top leg is planted with foot firmly into the ground with underneath leg extended on a 45degree angle in front of the body to allow for adductor activation. 

Lower and Lift

Pull In



Wide Extension: Three Pulses + Full Lift

The Video

Wearing: Victoria Sport 

Music: Unforgettable: French Montana

Train Like An Angel: Booty Sculpt

Train Like An Angel: Booty Sculpt

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