Share the Sweat: Partner Workout

Connection is everything, for support & to challenge, for motivation & to satisfy your human needs as social creatures. This is a month filled with relationships & connections focus and as such I'm bringing you this fun, but challenging, Partner Workout with one of my best friends, Glynn - @gegertonread


Holiday HIIT

A super speedy, sweat session that you can do ANYWHERE - your living room, hotel room, the meeting room in the office - which will pick up the heart rate, activate your sexy muscles and pump you with feel good endorphins. 

Barre Series: Floor Barre

The secret to achieving a dancers body? Dancing! The "Floor Barre" inspired workout - using the support of the floor to help you find your alignment, explore your range of turn out and strengthen the key postural muscles used in a barre practice!

Summer Holiday Sweat Workout

When you're on holiday you sometimes still want to sweat, but not necessarily spend a lot of time doing so. In order to get your fitness fix & tanning time scheduled in, I've put together this little HIIT workout that shouldn't take you any longer than 30 minutes!

Chest Release Pilates Series

With our lives spent either staring down at our phones or seated at a desk staring at a screen, we have become a breed of humans with chronic rounded forward posture. strengthening exercises mixed with some great chest mobility and stretching movements.