Travel Packing Hacks

Travel Packing Hacks

Packing for a holiday shouldn’t be stressful, but all too often we find ourselves tipping our wardrobes into empty suitcases and praying that a toothbrush found its way into a carry on.

For a more seamless pre-travel experience, use these travel packing tips to help hack your suitcase and stay organised while on the move!

Get yourself some packing assistants.

Are you still packing your clothes directly into your empty suitcase? If so, let us blow your mind with the game-changing upgrade – packing cubes. These nifty organisers help to separate, divide and arrange your possessions so that you can feel like the most put-together version of yourself possible amidst the [regular] chaos of travel.

Having a range of sizes and shapes of packing cubes can help you distribute your packing list into itemised categories, purpose, or if you’re exceptionally organised, even outfits, which you then arrange – tetris style – within your case.

Packing cubes are especially helpful if you’re on a multiple stop, road-trip style holiday as you won’t necessarily need to fully unpack your suitcase at each layover. Whilst having the added benefit of keeping your belongings somewhat contained when you do. Simply whip out a packing cube as needed and leave the rest nestled in it’s spot inside your case!

BONUS HACK: Make the most of hotel laundry bags – Most hotels will have laundry bags which are super handy to double as dirty laundry on the go to seperate + shoes, so that you don’t get the soles of your shoes muddying up the rest of your gears.


Lay everything out before Packing

If you’ve ever just thrown your wardrobe into a case, praying for the best, only to arrive at your destination with 6 pairs of leggings, two mismatched outfits and no sports bra, then it’s time to rethink strategy. Laying out everything you intend to bring on the trip before you pack it, not only allows you to see exactly *how* much you are packing (pro–tip then try and cut the packing allocation by 1/2 or at least ⅓) but it also helps you get a visual of what items you can group together into outfits –assisting you to pack a more streamlined capsule wardrobe on tour, assured that key items of clothing can be worn multiple ways.

Once you’ve laid everything out and ensured you’ve ticked off all the major components of your packing list, then you can pack everything into the cubes. Personally, I pack by type - i.e., grouping all leggings, then all dresses together etc – into the packing cubes as this works best. Your style may be to opt to go via outfits so you can organise by day/time – which works great if it is a short business trip.

PC: Instagram/  @thoughtfullyorganized

PC: Instagram/ @thoughtfullyorganized

Figure out if it’s a ‘Marie Kondo’ fold, a roll or a lay flat kind of item.

Properly storing your clothes can help decrease both the amount of crinkles you’ll have in your items upon arrival and maximise the space in your suitcase. Sometimes this may take a bit of trial and error (depending on what size packing cubes you also get) to see how best works for you and your possessions.

As a general guideline:

Roll = activewear, silks

Fold = cottons, skirts, shorts

Lay flat = stiff fabrics (denim), leather, jackets

HACK: Pack your essentials and a change of clothes into a carry on bag! – You *pray* your suitcase will arrive with you at your final destination, but if it doesn’t quite make it, at least you have some fresh clothes to change into to deal with the drama!

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Organise your dietary supplements into daily dividers.

I used to pack a ginormous cosmetic case full of individual jars of supplements and herbs. Not only was it bulky, but all those glass packages added so. Much. weight.

Now I’ve sped up my process on the go each day and spend time sorting out my everyday supplements into a pill dispenser so that I only need to add the nifty organisers into my cosmetics bag and I know I’m taking the correct dosage each day, without any extra fuss!


Get reusable travel minis

Travel mini’s are an absolute must to reduce down the weight and size of packing your entire toiletries suite! Reusable bottles can be easily found at pharmacies or storage stores, or *borrow* them from the hotel room, and once used, can be refilled with your own products.

If you’re a regular traveller; keeping a separate cosmetics case filled with these travel mini’s on the go is an excellent time-saving hack, so you have them ready whenever you need to jet to the airport in a flash and don’t need to spend any wasted time on sorting through your bathroom cabinet.

PC: Instagram/  @onehundredml_

PC: Instagram/ @onehundredml_

And a ready to go travel medi kit

Alongside your dietary supplements (if any), it’s always a great idea to have a travel-medication kit handy, just in case allergies, a hangover or migraine hits! Keeping a small bag in your carry on can help in any unforeseen moments when a pharmacy may not be close by.

Simply keeping the essentials: paracetemol, hayfever pills, bandaids, disinfectant is a great start. You can always add in extra’s, such as charcoal tablets which are great for traveller’s stomach upset and airplane bloating too!

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