Welcome to Singapore

Welcome to Singapore

I’m sitting writing this in a pool cabana, next to an infinity pool which waterfalls into a 50m lap pool below. There’s a tennis court to my left, sun lounges behind me, a gym downstairs, a yoga space 60 floors above me and out on the street, an endless, vibrant, new city to explore.

Am I at a luxury resort for a wellness break? As much as it seems like it, no, I’m just 4 days into starting my new life, in Singapore.

To many of my friends, family and colleagues it seems like a radical, and quick move. With just over 2 week’s notice, we packed up a life spanning over five years in London, and moved to the Lion City. But in reality? this was a decision we made last year, manifested into reality and then pushed into action.

Why the change? Sometime over the past year the daily hustle and grind of London started to wear me down. The shift from a city I loved to a place that felt like it was trapping me and draining all my energy became palpable. Combined with a growing level of Adrenal Fatigue and worsening PCOS symptoms, I simply fell out of love with my second home. When opportunity arose for Tim to relocate with work, it seemed like the universe offering us an exciting option and we pulled the trigger.

The call of a warmer climate – I will not miss you frosty morning commutes- proximity to our Southern Hemisphere homes, exciting work opportunities and above all, new adventures with a chance to explore, travel and witness a whole new culture and life experience seemed too good to be true, until we jumped on that plane at Heathrow and landed right in the middle of a new life in the buzzing heart of Asia.

Singapore seems, and is, a world removed from the streets of London, but acts as a middle ground between what life has been in London, the life that I grew up immersed in Perth and the hopes for the future.  

So, first impressions?

It’s true, it is damned hot.

As a sun-worshipping Aussie that’s a a big statement, but 32 + 80% humidity is a real– I’m yet to try a run outside, but working out is like being in a hot yoga studio at all times – let’s hope for all the detoxing benefits!

I’m really, really, tall.

At 5”9ish, I suppose I am generally a tall human, but over here, I’m gigantic! The upside – I can always see my form in busy class mirrors and likewise Tim can spot me in a busy crowd. The downside – do they create clothes for giants here?

Embrace the high-rise condo life.

In the midst of a grimy London winter, all we envisaged of Singapore was warm evenings grilling up dinner on the BBQ and cooling off in a pool. As a reality, that is the life that is accessible here when living in condos. The city is compact, but man does it shoot high up into the sky. Gone is the character and charm of London city living, but instead it is replaced with amenities at your fingertips – gym, pool, tennis courts, beautiful tropical gardens- they are all within your building. For now, its mind-blowing. Will I tire of sharing my home space with another 400 people? Probably, but so far, it’s exactly the sort of wellness inducing space I was craving!

Fitness is central to the lifestyle package.

From my “research” (i.e. Instagram stalking) I had already seen Singapore had a flourishing and growing Fitness scene and predictably, the first thing I’m doing here is checking out all the studios around town. The city is absolutely packed with options, all right on your doorstep. Any form of fitness & wellness class you could ask for is here and the studios range from gorgeously boutique to large outdoor bootcamps. If classes aren’t your scene, all the big name gyms are here –  if you want to get out of your building gym- or there seems to be PT’s galore around town.

Fresh, Healthy Feeds are easy to come by.

Prior to moving, whenever I told anyone I was heading to Singapore they would respond “Oh the food is AMAZING there”. Now if there is one crucial thing to know about Tim & I as a couple, it’s we live for feeds. Plans will generally revolve around where we are eating and finding all the best spots and hits. Even with all the glowing recommendations, I didn’t even expect the calibre that we have found here so far. There’s an obvious Aussie and Kiwi influence to the independent cafes, but everything is super healthy, accessible and packed with flavour. Being gluten & dairy free I was a little worried about what I would find, but there are so many options, with a health & wellness focus being evident across the majority of the cafés we’ve found. For more local fare, you can easily find grilled meats and rice dishes, and the local fruits are just divine!

Explore and get some sweaty LISS in as a bonus.

Whilst we are just staying in a short-term apartment for now, it’s been a priority to really explore the neighbourhoods, find our feet and get a sense of where we may like to settle down. My preferred way of doing this, in any city, is by foot as it’s the best way to get your bearings and see all the smaller places, hidden details and get a sense of the city. Over here, that means some seriously sweaty walks – all the better for the oh so important LISS exercise! The added bonus- more stops for cold brew along the way!

That's it for now, signing off to go head out and find another new spot for lunch!

Rosie x









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