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My Pilates Career Pathway

An insight into my Pilates career and the journey that led me to becoming a Pilates specialist.


Who is Rosie Hope?

A twenty-something ‘professional expat’ who amongst jetting across the world and transitioning many a career, has tried the latest buzzy wellness trends, sweated in the studios and done the research for you so oh boy, do she have the stories to tell! A Pilates + Mindful Movement practitioner, she is passionate about educating, imparting inspiration and empowering you to not just survive, but to thrive.

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Wellness Practices

Build your wellness toolkit with detailed guides to developing practices of wellbeing, spirituality, mindful movement and holistic health.

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Fitness News

The latest research, trends and analysis from the fitness world, direct to you!

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Travel Guides

Everything you need to know about incredible international locations. Where to eat, sleep, sight-see and work out while abroad.

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Deep dive into Insightful + aspirational interviews


Top Tips For New Pilates Instructors

The best insider tips and advice for new Pilates and group exercise instructors.


Want to get sweaty, soulful and uplifted? Try one of These at-home workouts!


Sound Therapy:

What It Is, The Uses And Benefits

Sound therapy, though long established in ancient healing traditions, has seen a rise in popularity over recent years and is set to be one of the major “wellness” trends for times ahead.