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Simple Self Care Practices that are powerful, effective and most of importantly, free! Because taking care of yourself, needn’t cost a thing!


Who is Rosie Hope?

A twenty-something ‘professional expat’ who amongst jetting across the world and transitioning many a career, has tried the latest buzzy wellness trends, sweated in the studios and done the research for you so oh boy, do she have the stories to tell! A Pilates + Mindful Movement practitioner, she is passionate about educating, imparting inspiration and empowering you to not just survive, but to thrive.

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Wellness Practices

Build your wellness toolkit with detailed guides to developing practices of wellbeing, spirituality, mindful movement and holistic health.

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Fitness News

The latest research, trends and analysis from the fitness world, direct to you!

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Travel Guides

Everything you need to know about incredible international locations. Where to eat, sleep, sight-see and work out while abroad.

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Deep dive into Insightful + aspirational interviews


Cycle Syncing Your Workout

What is Cycle Syncing Your Workout? Plus how can you begin syncing your workouts to your hormonal cycle, for a healthier, happier period!.


Want to get sweaty, soulful and uplifted? Try one of These at-home workouts!


Natural Beauty

How To Transition Into

A Natural Beauty Routine